Inspired by all things fun & fabulous the team at Macarahrah have created a Decedent, Scrumptious and Delightful Sweet called  THE EMPIRE

The Macarahrah Empire comprises: 4 Layers of Chocolate Mud Cake (White Mud Available) filled with your choice ofMacarahrah’s mouth-watering Ganache flavours, the layers are then covered in chocolate to seal in all that cake goodness, then it's dripped ( some say drowned ) with more chocolate...

The best part is yet to come… We then add 2 dozen of Macarahrah's Macarons to create the most distinguished top... To finish, we add another drizzle of chocolate and embellishments at your request and... Ta Dah...The Macarahrah Empire.
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Macarahrah recommends orders to be placed no later than 7 days prior to delivery, Price is for one complete Macarahrah Empire.

Full payment required before baking ...

$20.00 within 5kms Melbourne Metro delivery fee applies.
All other areas price quoted upon enquiry.


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Let them eat cake.

Marie Antoinette



emipre's rising

You are in full control of how you want your Macarahrah Empire to look and Taste.

1. Choose the Cake Flavour – White Mud or Chocolate Mud

2. Choose your Ganache - You can select up to 2 flavours

3. Choose the Chocolate Design ( Note: White Chocolate can be coloured to suit your event )

4. Choose your Macarons – These will be Colour Matched to suit your Empire.

5. Add Embellishments – Sprinkles, Glitter, Butterflies… etc.

Leave the rest to us, we will create your very own custom designed Empire.

** Macarahrah Empire will serve 40 -50 People - Using standard 2" Serving Sizes **
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