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"We attended the BARC function on saturday night and had the pleasure of being seated at your wifes table. We were extremely excited to taste your Macarons. I am currently studying Patisserie and thought your Macarons were absoultely amazing, and they were all so consistant - best Macarons I have tasted in a very long time. Well Done and keep up the amazing work." Jane 2012
Macarahrah's macarons are incredibly delicious, the Forever Oh Macarons are definitely Forever Oh, just amazing and the mini macarons were fantastic, definitely be coming back for me, loved the Hamburger macarons too! The Little Big Company :)
What can say about Ed! He is my life savour! As the Mac's were a big focus in the design, I needed plenty of them, and when my original Macaron Maker fell ill, Ed picked up the job with ease and no fuss at only a few days notice! That's professionalism! Olivers Alma Cottage
Amanda Ceccomancini - It was perfect in every way. Loved the colours & flavours & of course the tower itself. Had a lot of compliments throughout the night. Be sure to hear from me for orders to come in the future!!! Words can't explain how happy we are! Thank you so much Macarahrah
"The Salted caramel filled, green macarons with gold leaf from Macarahrah were pretty sublime"Rebecca Judd - Rebecca Judd loves